Brokers can soon expect an interesting new tool from the tech world. For instance, scale-up Matrixian Group predicts what homes will come up for sale or rent and who is moving. VJ spoke about this with Luke Liplijn, founder and CEO of Matrixian Group.

Liplijn: ’It is known that brokers receive the most work through personal contacts. When someone needs help with the sale of their home, they often turn to the brokers that live three doors away or did a great job with a sale for a friend or family member two years ago’. According to him, many brokers regularly feel out their surroundings to see if anyone in their network is considering placing a house.

‘The problem is that once a broker is successful in the sale, there needs to continuously be a new supply of homes in order to actually sell something. Using data science, Matrixian Group helps predict what homes will come onto the market in the short term, so that brokers know where to look for new customers’, says Liplijn.


Real estate data and machine learning
Matrixian Group is a scale-up from Amsterdam, which uses real estate data and machine learning, among other things, to identify opportunities in the market with the Smart Move product before they actually appear. The data platform analyses over 600 characteristics per address, such as demographics, income changes, purchasing behaviour and life events.

This data comes from public sources and historical events at the postal code level. The resulting ‘Smart Move Score’ indicates how likely it is that people will sell their house within twelve months, so that, for instance, brokers know exactly when to present themselves for the best chance of a deal.

Matrixian Group currently has its own team of 22 employees to serve different clients in the financial and logistics sectors. In January, the data science company will start with a small group of brokers by making this platform available to interested parties for listing predictions.