Amsterdam- Drimble and Matrixian Group announce that they have reached an agreement on the acquisition of by Matrixian Group. The bundling of these two information companies creates a strong and complementary portfolio of news, information and data analysis services. is the largest hyperlocal information website in the Netherlands, with a reach of more than 3.2 million unique visitors and 12 million page views per month. The company also owns, which is an equivalent of but aimed at the USA. reaches hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month with the Spot On brands such as

Luke Liplijn, CEO Matrixian Group: “I am very happy with the acquisition of This is an important strengthening of our company, this acquisition creates a win-win situation. First of all, Drimble’s enormous databases reinforce Matrixian’s current products such as the house value model. The 10 years of history with building permits and zoning plans are a good predictor for the house values ​​that we already supply to real estate professionals and financial institutions. The many 112 reports and domestic burglaries will also be an upgrade for our Urban Intelligence solution, making it possible to accurately predict the probability of a burglary at neighborhood level. A second win is that with the knowledge of Matrixian and the data from Drimble we can also offer new information services. Some services will be free of charge whereas other services will be on payment for the business market. This acquisition gives us a giant leap forward in several areas. Together we have synergy and greater strength.

What connects Matrixian Group with is delivering reliable information services based on (open) data, and a love for making information available at a local level. Both of our companies have been collecting information about companies, addresses and neighborhoods for decades. it is in line with Matrixian’s strategy to offer more information services to the small business market and consumers. We are going to invest in that. We have now gained good experience in this area with our home information products. We hope that, together with the expertise and reach of Drimble, this will lead to beautiful new digital products.

News and information platform is an addition to our range of information services, but will operate as an independent company. The input of Matrixian’s data sources and data science knowledge gives Drimble the power to grow into an even more valuable news and information platform. Drimble is a popular platform for many Dutch people where they can be informed about companies, news and developments in the neighborhood. These domains of fit in well with Matrixian. 

Jan Litjens, founder and director of “I am proud of the work that has been done in the past eleven years. There is a beautiful hyper-local news and information platform with strong content, with which we provide distinctive services to consumers and companies. The number of unique visitors and page views has risen sharply in recent years. We are now the most complete information site in the Netherlands, given the number of information and news sources that we monitor on a daily basis. This provides a good basis for the future. I am convinced that, as part of Matrixian Group, will fully realize its growth ambitions. ”

Matrixian Group is a data technology company and works for organizations and institutions in both the commercial and public sector. By cleverly combining, modeling, analyzing and visualizing (open) data, Matrixian provides its clients with valuable insights and products with which (social) problems can be solved and a smart, sustainable and safe living environment can be realized. The company has 26 employees which are mostly based in Amsterdam.

The acquisition of by Matrixian Group will be finalized  before January 1, 2021.