International Phone Checker

Available via the Matrixian platform

Why the International Phone Checker?

It often happens that customers enter an incorrect telephone number when purchasing a product or subscribing to a service online. This is annoying as incorrect telephone numbers make it impossible for you to call your customers. To prevent this we have designed the International Phone Checker, a smart tool that guarantees correct telephone numbers in your customer database. This way you can always get in touch with the right people.

Correct telephone numbers in your customer database

On the basis of a link with our data the International Phone Checker checks whether your customer has entered his/her telephone number correctly. It is checked whether the telephone number has been issued, the number of digits is right and the spelling is correct.

This product can be used directly via the Matrixian platform!


  • Ensures qualitative data input

  • Improves the customer experience

  • Increases reach and thus conversion

  • Prevents customer fraud

  • Fast response time

  • Completely international

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